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Originally Posted by 60pan View Post
Most of the departments around here are 24hr shifts. So they go to the store for groceries in the morning. Easy tag around here at about 10am.
I'm sure your joking but please nobody call in a false alarm for this please.
Tag On!
I wouldn't consider making a false call, but around here the fire trucks stay in the garage unless there is a call, or they are pulled out to wash. The only time the station would be empty is when the call was big enough to warrant the EMT bus and usually two trucks. The smaller places that only have one truck and a bus are un-staffed, volunteer houses.

Many of those smaller fire houses also don't have any glass in the roll up doors. So it would be difficult to demonstrate it was empty.

Maybe during a parade, but none of those coming up. Hopefully someone will be able to score the tag.
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