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Like I said, just to the right of the intersection was a railroad bridge going over the street obscuring everything with a tall embankment in both directions. I checked it as well as I could. It just far enough down the road that you can't really see anything beyond it. I don't know how to explain it better than that.

Sorry for posting in the wrong section.
In situations like this, you turn left and pull into the middle of the road(left of your lane). Basically you want to turn much sharper than you would normally and place your front tire on the inside line of the inside lane.

So for example if you were turning left onto a two-way road with one lane in each direction, you would place your tire on the double yellow line. This way you are splitting between the oncoming traffic and your lane of traffic.

I do this at night as well, in case I turn left in front of a car with no headlights. I always turn left onto the yellow line so that they can fly past me on the right and I only move over once I am maybe 60% of the way to the speed limit.
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