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Thinking of doing a repeat BIG BEAR /ARROWhead ride this Sat. Any takers?

Need to see If I can still ride in the dirt. below is Matts ride report from the last ride.

Originally Posted by rider914 View Post
Got out for a short ride with Sito yesterday.

Gloomy throughout the IE, but patches of blue as we climbed 1N12 from Hwy38.

Above the clouds near Thomas Hunting Grounds. (Saddleback in the far distance.)

Past Angelus Oaks and down Middle Control / Mill Creek.

Headwaters of the Santa Ana River.

Original plan was to head for Pioneer Town, but we never made it.

A local rider told us that the restaurant / bar at Seven Oaks was open. Had to stop and check it out.

Never knew this place was here. Turned out to be a pretty cool spot with really good burgers

Dinner stop for future BB night ride?

Continuing on up 2N06 towards Big Bear.

We overcame a couple obstacles.

Some small patches of snow at ~8k ft.

Made our way out to Holcomb Valley via Van Dusen. Just west of the campground we saw a string a kids with a strange assortment of homemade wagons and carts. It was some sort of youth group on a 'pioneer experience' adventure. I guess they had to build a way to carry all of their stuff, then transport it from town out to the camp ares.

This last group had a crate mounted to a couple of carpet dollies. They were not having fun

Pit stop on 3N08. The burn area is starting to get some green back

I split up with Sito at 3N14. He was gonna bounce out to the hwy and over to Arrowhead to check out the homestead, while I planned to follow the jeep trails and such down to Silverwood.

The big creek crossing on 3N93 was almost totally dry

Several rock gardens provided some Enduro-Cross practice.

This one was a bit sloppy and slippery.

Gatekeeper section just before 3N16.

I zipped up to Crab Flats, then down 3N34 (Dishpan) to Deep Creek.

A troop of RZR's were working their way down the rocks.

Followed 3N34 around to Pinnacles, then 2N33 and 2N37 down to Miller Cyn.

Along the way there were a couple of deep creek crossings that will likely dry up in the next few weeks.

Finished off with a few 'secret' roads behind Silverwood, then Cleghorn and Lytle Creek on the way home.

I'm a GPS Wizard follow me?
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