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Originally Posted by LittleRedToyota View Post
unfortunately, if you get "j-hooked" because of it (you thought the car was going straight, but really he was waiting to turn right), it won't be so funny.
In most states, the car driver is still in the wrong in this case. If you're turning right, you need to move all the way to the right side of the lane. Even where not legally required, it's still driver's ed 101. Turning without signalling when other vehicles are around is also universally illegal.

Of course, the motorcyclist can also get cited for splitting the gap depending on local laws and how wide the lane is. But in a lot of places, it's quite common for the right lane to be wide enough for two cars to pass (slowly) and universally understood that you move right to turn right. When some asshat sits in the center of a lane that's 16' wide (and clearly intended for right-turners to slip past), you better believe I'll slip past him on the bike, unless he's signalling or otherwise looks like he's going to turn right.

A similar crash happened to a friend; he was in a car turning right from next to the curb (in the 50-60' no-parking zone set aside for that very purpose) and a dumbass in a pickup turned right from the left side of the very wide lane. Pickup driver got cited.
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