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Originally Posted by LittleRedToyota View Post
regardless of who is legally at fault, getting j-hooked by a car while on a bike can turn out badly for us. it's just something to think about.

i do it at times, too, but i don't kid myself about the danger of it. and, if i got j-hooked doing it, i would consider it partially my fault (and partially the car's fault for the reasons you mentioned) regardless of what the law says. (i'm pretty sure in PA it is illegal to pass on the right, but i could be wrong.)

and i certainly do not feel i am somehow entitled to do it (or anything else) just because i ride a motorcycle. (if the traffic engineers actually intended to allow right turners to slip past, they would have marked a right turn lane.)
Not really. "Traffic imagineers" often don't mark jack.

In some states, it is spelled out in the MVC that there has to be a minimum space between the car waiting to turn left and the edge of the pavement, in order to make a legal pass. In many states, this minimum is 8'. In many other states, the pass may be illegal.

Turn signals may or may not be legal for use in FL. I believe that it's at least considered a personal insult to all other road users around you if you signal a lane change or a turn here. You deny others the pleasure of surprises and excitement in their lives, and this just won't be tolerated.
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