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Originally Posted by afewsketchymoments View Post
"We stopped for petrol and a drink and came across this young Aussie guy from my home town in Byron Bay riding down to Chile, we later caught up to him in La Paz and you wouldn't believe it he had left Tijuana without his tourist card and unless he can find someone really really nice over at the airport he will have to ride the 1500k's back to Tijuana to get it, its one thing that gets a lot of people down here they cant get on the ferry to mainland Mexico without it, I haven't seen or heard from him again so I can only hope he had some luck with it in La Paz its a damn long way back just for a 5 minute thing."

Hey Mate.
Matt here, that young Aussie guy.
Was a bit of a paper fight. But got the tourist card in the end.
Made it to Mainland and sweating up a storm. Humid as hell down here.
Meet a couple in La Paz with the same problem as me. But one of them also did not have the original paper work for her bike. If only she knew of your little trick. Think she may have flown back to San Diego to get the original title.
Hope to bump into you guys again.
Enjoy the ride.

Great to hear from you Matt, I was only talking to Ev this morning about you and that we never heard anything so it's great you were able to get it sorted. We are still in Baja staying in some marine resort down the coast from La Paz just chilling out, had some fun riding over the last few days.
Ride safely bud and maybe our paths will cross somewhere along the line again.
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