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Mark Kincart Klim Badlands set

Iíve dealt with many of you guys and gals in person over the years and if you know me you also know I donít spend a lot of time positing on the site. BUT this is a personal matter and I want you guys to please pass this around to other threads. So here goes it! One of my coworkers here at Klim also a great friend was delivered news that no parent ever wants to hear. Ike his 1year old son has a very rare genetic disorder. It affects less than one out six hundred thousand the name is so long I canít begin to spell it. His body does not dispose of enzymes so it stores them in his bones. It is fatal and the life expectancy is 3-10 years depending on how his body reacts to the treatments. He has started special treatments that can prolong his life but they cost $10,000.00 dollars per week. I would like to help him out so I figured a little fund Raiser with the Inmates was in order. If you are interested in owning a brand new set of Badlands jacket and pant any color please send me a bid on the set. It retails for $1548.00 dollars. The winning bid will also get a onetime use 50% off code to use to complete the setup maybe gloves. Iíve never tried this before but I feel compelled to do something.
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