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A friend of mine had one these back in the day.

One night he was riding home someone pulled out in front of him,
he flipped them off, they became agressive the chase begun.
Trying to out run them, they ran him off the road doing over 70.
He spend 3 months getting put back together decided, maybe he should not ride anymore.
I buy damaged bike from him, spend all winter replacing, fixing damage.
Fun bike, rode around the front range Colorado a few times.
He stops by my work I was oiling chain, bike check.
He asks "Mind if I take my old bike around the block" I tell myself he should be fine it was his for years.
Go back to doing something at work thinking he has been gone a while when
I hear the sirens.
WTF I start heading down the block see the fire trucks.
He was going to fast, drunk driver turned left.
He gets another 8 months in hospital, bike totaled.
I call his parents, tell them to go to ER, they respond,
"he sold his motorcycle!".
All I could say was, I know.

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