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Originally Posted by LittleRedToyota View Post
regardless of who is legally at fault, getting j-hooked by a car while on a bike can turn out badly for us. it's just something to think about.

i do it at times, too, but i don't kid myself about the danger of it. and, if i got j-hooked doing it, i would consider it partially my fault (and partially the car's fault for the reasons you mentioned) regardless of what the law says. (i'm 99.9% certain that in PA it is illegal, but i could be wrong.)

and i certainly do not feel i am somehow entitled to do it (or anything else) just because i ride a motorcycle. (if the traffic engineers actually intended to allow right turners to slip past, they would have marked a right turn lane.)
Yeah. I don't do it if I have any suspicion that someone might turn in front of me--normally the light is red and I can get to the stop line and make my turn on the red before the light turns green.

But I do feel I'm entitled to do it because I fit. On streets big enough for traffic lights, parking is banned within X feet of the intersection for a reason--so that cars can slip through (and for visibility, of course). A semi doesn't fit through there, so should I also wait in my car because a semi won't fit? Same goes for passing a left turner on the right on a rural road, which is explicitly legal in most states provided you fit without leaving the pavement. Should I wait if there's not room for a car even if there's room for my motorcycle?

Every vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the motorcycle's advantages is that it's small and will fit through gaps in traffic that other vehicles won't. A pickup doesn't fit, but have you ever tried hauling a stove on a motorcycle?
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