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Originally Posted by waturz View Post
Just curious......what do you think the police that gave you the third degree in all of these places think you might have been? Drug buyer/mule, missionary, mercenary, human trafficker, crazy guy with a death wish, etc......? I get that a white guy on a motorcycle is probably not something they see everyday there, but considering all of the sights that have probably rolled through town in these places over the past 40 years, I would think the guy on the motorcycle would seem pretty harmless by comparison.

I would guess that with the Taliban stirring up the locals with religious extremism, that your presence there may just be a catalyst for trouble that the local law feel they just don't need? Maybe its the Hindu Kush version of a black guy rolling through a deep south town on a Harley back in the 1950's as a tourist. Probably most people could have cared less, but they all would recognize that the potential for trouble was there even if the guy wasn't looking for it. Again, great ride report, thanks!
The Police & locals got more and more suspicious the closer i got to Kabul too, Being a westerner without any ISAF identification they just wouldn't believe that I'm a just solo tourist on a motorcycle. They were more interested in why I wanted to take a photos of some roadside village than them looking out for my safety. I really had to be careful of what was in the background of my shots. A School and a petrol station in the far backgrounds of some shots had managers coming out trying to interrogate and take my passport off me. So I am thankful the Ural only took one kick...
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