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Your thinking is FLAWED. Have you seen how some kids look at you in the bike in complete awe from the backseat of a car? It's not all of them, it's just some kids that while they are trapped in that back seat look at motorcycles like the greatest thing on earth.

Those will be riders, it doesn't matter if their parents ride or not, it doesn't make a difference if their parents allow them to ride or not, they will ride.
This is true, just the way I revered bikers when I was that age, but, I may never have gotten into bikes were it not for my sisters boyfriend who took me for a ride around the block, no helmet, sitting on the tank in 1967...the deal was done.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying here. All the suggestions, early exposure, driving in a cage, MSF, mentoring, etc all great ideas. I have my own dreams of riding cross country or down to the Dragon with my girls. As previously suggested, I'm not the type to shelter my girls. I'm just playing the Devil's advocate and if some of you out there are having reservations, you must, at the very least, consider the unthinkable. I would LOVE to ride with my girls, I would NEVER want them riding without me, NEVER, EVER! There are too many morons on the road. Just my thoughts, you asked Mr Mike, I feel where you're coming from.

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