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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
After I finished destroying 20 napkins trying to get the grease off my fingers, I cruised outside and spotted a couple dudes (followed by a couple more) checking out the Panigale. Though there are a lot of Ducatis in Portland, the only other 1199s I saw were at MotoCorsa. Stopped to chat, started talking bikes and two of the guys, it turns out, are fellow inmates (one of which had actually read part of my first R/R). What's up, Ed Zachtamundo and Ulyses? Ed had been hit by a car in Central or So America and was still recovering. Injury-not cool. Meeting a couple fellow ADVers on the streets of Portland - very cool.

While we stood there shootin' the proverbial shit, rain started coming down pretty hard, so it was off I went. I had memorized the directions back to my house, but after riding for longer than expected, realized something was wrong. Pulled in under cover and memory was right, but my compass was off and I'd gone this way instead of that way at one turn, but it all worked out. Without that mistake I never would have got this pic.
I didn't introduce myself but I was with my brother Ulyses and Ed. Your bike truly is a supermodel and your pictures are amazing.
How to ride your XR650L to South America:
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