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Originally Posted by alvincullumyork View Post
I didn't introduce myself but I was with my brother Ulyses and Ed. Your bike truly is a supermodel and your pictures are amazing.
Much appreciated. Would have much preferred if I arrived about 45 min later (when you guys did). The conversation on the sidewalk cut short by rain could have been pretty epic with so many ADV inmates seated inside, surrounded by grilled swine and alcohol!

Once the weather cleared up and then I got to experience LA in Portland, only without the lane-splitting feature. I'm going to keep beating this dead horse because it's absurd. LOOK AT ALL THAT SPACE! Imagine even 5% of the people in cars and vans and trucks riding motorcycles or scooters getting at LEAST 20mpg instead of zero.

I had to check out of one place into another and had so much fun getting there. Seems the traffic planning in Portland took the ready, fire, aim approach. After hitting a parking lot on the highway I got off and took surface streets. Bad, very bad idea. I ended up lane splitting and even driving on a double yellow it was so bad. Big cities have a lot going for them and a lot against. It's the war everyone who lives in LA or Boston or NY or SF wages on an hourly basis--culture, activity, energy, opportunity vs. crime, inconvenience, traffic and frustration. Small cities typically have less of everything across the board. Unfortunately a lot of these 'small' cities I've visited have been poisoned by big city issues. As an outsider I saw some easy-to-implement changes, such as timing the fucking lights to give priority to 7000 cars traveling in one direction every day at the same time vs. the 'equal rights to lights' granted to single digit cars at intersections.

But the bump-start speeds I traveled from one part of the city to the other was worth it. Motel 6 had clearly been experimenting with the subliminal effect of various scents on customer satisfaction. Unfortunately room 117, my room, had been hosed down with the "dominatrix peed in the corner last night" aroma.

The bike was lucky to be outside.

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