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Good to see we have a few people along for the ride, these RR's take a bit of time!

Day 4 Mt Wood to ‘The Old Strzelecki Track’

I was up before the sun woken by sound of snoring that cut down a few rain forests, so did a bit exploring. Here I found a ‘Sturt Desert Trap Door Spider’, they feel the vibrations in the ground, hide under the web and pounce on the unsuspecting Swedish Backer who ventures too close. BTW these little fellas are venomous so best not to get them cranky.

After yesterday’s ride our breakfast was supplemented by various prescription drugs containing Codeine as the old bones were a little sore. By the time we packed up camp the pain killers had kicked in and we were on our way to Tibooburra.

Pyro was riding Yogi’s DRZ and Flash was doing some filming while Yogi was driving, this image is from the clip. The running commentary goes like this:
Yogi “Welcome to the metropolis of Tippaburra”
Flash “It’s not Tippaburra, its Tib-or-a”
Yogi “IT’S TIPPABURRA even the people of New South Wales call it Tippaburra”
Flash “Do not, only you call it Tippaburra”
Yogi “Alll right we’ll see”
Flash “We will….see the top of that motel sign-
Yogi “Tippaburra”
Flash “Tibb-oooo-ooo, Tib-ooo-burra, it’s hard to say actually”

Anyway we get into town and fuel up. If you are trip planning and looking for Pub accommodation, Tibooburra looks like it would be a must stay. Heading west the vegetation started to disappear.

The day was starting to heat up, out to Cameron Corner conditions were a bit more challenging with lots more sand. At some sort of treed area with not much shade we took a break.

(I like my personal space)

Dropped into Fort Grey Compound and camping area for a quick snack and drink. This place had been mentioned in other RR’s, if you are trip planning I reckon it would be a good place to camp with better facilities than Mt Wood (part of the Sturt National Park).

There were quite a few more sections of soft sand and having to dodge kangaroos before we made the border fence. Then over to the Corner Store had some lunch, looked around, took touristy photos and fuelled up the Jerry Cans.

On the road heading west into South Australia marks our start of the ‘Strzelecki Desert’. The road was generally well made but corrugated and sandy in parts and crap in other parts.

We had been warned of some dodgy patches of road marked with red flags. Usually these were just over a crest of a dune, so after the first red flag (a Flag Marshal had raided the flag kit, sticking the flag in the ground by the handle!) we knew what to look for.

At Merty Merty we continued headed north along ‘The Old Strzelecki Track’ coming across this:

Always up for a good photo opportunity! Not really surprising as we were in the ‘Wherethefugarewe Oil & Gas Fields’. (Somebody here will know what these pumps are called).

With a couple of hours of day light left we found large flat area to camp. This was good as there had been complaints about Flashes snoring (he feels the complaints were unjustified). So he was banished an appropriate distance to put down his kit.

324 km for the day. First trouble for the Tiger, with the corrugations the left hand bolt on the Centre Stand had come loose and fallen out also losing the bushing. This bolt also secures to side stand. Pyro had some spare 10mm cap screws with a ‘Nyloc’ nut. This was quickly fitted with bolt head helping to locate the Centre Stand, cable ties did the rest.

Precooked meal was an outstanding Chicken Korma prepared by Flash. Alcohol and bullshit flowed around the camp fire under a new moon with the full brilliance of the Milky Way on display. These adventures with good mates gets burned into you being for your life time.

I've often thought that

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