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The thread

Me too, Great read! You guys need to check out Overland Expo in May 2014 Flagstaff AZ. Chris with your travels and tech there are a lot of us who'd enjoy hearing about it.Their always on the look out for new speakers, instructors and venders. Travelers & Reps from all over come and it's growing every year.This is my 5th year at the Expo and if it wasn't cool I wouldn't pay to keep going. Lot's of bikes, trucks and campers of all kinds. Half the time I just stumble around to see what peaple rode in on. I want to get a chance to see your bike up close and you can check out the trail rides. I'm from Platteville, WI and have cousins from Whitewater. It's great to see peaple from my home state doing Really nice work! Good on ya.
Oh Great! So now you tell me.
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