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I stumbled upon this youtube video from a guy who calls himself vafr206 on Youtube. This video shows the lower side of Walker Mountain Road (VA forest road 206, like the guys name), he calls it Big Bend because it runs past the Big Bend picnic area near the upper end of the road (not shown in video). This takes you from the bottom (off of Little Creek Hwy) up to the big switchback at the top of the ridge, where he cuts off the camera. This shows the toughest/most technical portion of the trail/road. Here is the link to the video...

If you watch it, let me know if you are able to keep from ducking your head or dodging to one side or the other. I couldn't. Anyway, if you haven't ridden this road yet and are thinking about it, this video will give you a great idea of how tough it is in certain spots, and what you are getting yourself into. If you stop at the Big Walker store at the upper end of it, make sure you get one of their ice cream cones. That alone is worth the trip.
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