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Quick update. Raced last weekend on the RMX250 again. Had a really good race. I got another good start. I was 2nd\3rd going into the 1st turn, and was able to hold my line and keep 2nd going into turn one. I kept up with the kid in front of me for most of the first lap, but wasn't able to hold his speed the entire time. I was ok with that though, as I felt confident in the bike, and was holding a decent speed (or at least what I felt was decent). I got passed by another guy early on, who was holding speed up there with the guy in 1st.

I had a near crash at the start finish when I caught my brake lever on my knee guard. Kind of a goofy one, so I made sure to not make the mistake again. I noted that in the slower section, I was far better off keeping the bike in 3rd, vs dropping to 2nd gear. I was able to be more aggressive on the throttle since the power wouldn't build as quickly, and a quick squirt of the clutch got the bike on the pipe and me up and moving away.

I rode smooth, rode with confidence, and best of all, I was having fun racing. Seeing that I was leading my class each lap was a boost for sure, but it didn't matter. Feeling that I was riding at a quick pace, and holding that for just under 2 hours straight was the best to me. My body wasn't feeling destroyed, and at the end of the race, I felt pretty well.

As I got to look at the results, I found the 2 guys who passed me were in the "98-250 B" class (I'm in open B). The guy who overalled the B class, was up there with the AA guys, so I was ok with it. I finished 1st in my class, 3rd Overall B, and 10th overall for the race. It wasn't a huge turnout, but I'll take it . On top of that, my lap times were within a few seconds of each other (excluding my 1 fast lap). I'm very happy with that considering it ended up being 10 laps at 11 minutes each.

So what do I think happened compared to the prior races? Food. Saturday night I had a giant meatloaf dinner and a few pints of Guinness. Sunday AM, I had 1/2 - 3/4 pound of bacon, 2 eggs, and some cereal. On top of that, my wife made me a killer smoothie. I thought I was gonna explode after finishing off that smoothie, but managed to keep it all in. I also ate a small "Raw Bar", and an Andrew approved PB&J (far too much PB & J on gluten free bread) sandwich. Just before my race, I downed 2 of those Gatorade pre-game juice things. I figured if I was going to eat...I was going to eat. Only downside with all this (aside from it throwing off my...routine) is that food combined with pre-race jitters put me in the restroom far more times than I wanted. Oh well. Small price to pay.


I'm still hoping some pics show up. There were quite a few folks snapping pics.

Back to work. Figured I'd just update quickly.

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