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Day 7 September 7th, 2013

Originally Posted by Countdown View Post

We almost crossed paths. I rode from Heber (Daniels Summit which you called Solier Meadow) to West Yellowstone from Sept 2 thru Sept 13 GPSing the Great Western Trail.
Hey Jerry-------glad we didn't hit head on

Now on with Day 7

Generator camp from hell to Motel in Kenmerer, Wyoming

Well the Quadtard started the loud generator up at first lite the next morning and we couldn't wait to get out of there.
It was such a nice place till they showed up.
We are now just a few miles from Bear Lake-----Idaho and the end of the Utah BDR.

We got on a surprisingly rough trail just before Bear Lake came into view.

And we all were missing our buddy Bash3r

Then the highway took us up the West side of bear Lake where we got gas, and snacks.

The North end of the Utah BDR------we are now officially off the BDR and have to wing are way North--then East to tie into the Colorado BDR.

Ok---the BDR's are great and I so appreciate the routes laid out by others that makes it a no-brainer to navigate.
But my world is laying out and following my own routes----I seem to have a nac for it and they are always are as good as
the published ones everybody follows-------but they are sometimes much more exciting for me as I have no idea of what
we are really going to run in to----and how good or bad the riding will be---and if we hit locked gates or not---I love this stuff.
So the next day or two are spent tying the Utah BDR into the Colorado BDR.

I didn't want to route South of Flaming gorge as I've been thru there too many times already.
I've not been on any of the roads I've plotted for this connection---how would it be ????

From the North side of Bear Lake on North Beach road and past Bear Lake Hot Springs we dove right up into the mountains.
I google earthed these mountains for days trying to find a road over these---only one went up over the mountain and went
all the way thru.

Also----I wasn't even going to follow that road all the way straight across to the East.
I was going to head South in the middle of these mountains and try to navigate my way
to .......................ta....daaaaaaaa............ ..........
We'd been to 2 and 4 corners but now it was time for 3 corners.
This would prove to be very difficult-----terrain wise and navigation wise.

The roads that I had google earthed to get to 3 corners kind of disappeared sometimes on google earth and I really didn't have much
faith in us getting thru----but we went for it and rode on some really great very small dirt roads thru ranchland----and BLM land.
3 corners is not far off now--but would the roads go thru ???

Or---------would my no-hassle tassels have to bail our sorry asses out again.
As I stared at them----I felt my motor get smoother---my bike faster----the roads getting better and the rain stayed away---for now.


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