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Originally Posted by yokesman View Post
is there any reason those bushes couldnot be just red loctited in without the shoulder. then some thin wall tube could be used eliminating the shop work.
there's more than one way to sleeve the lower clamp 1.5mm, but machining the sleeves per my spec is probably the easiest. this batch of sleeves was specced with a 4mm shoulder, heavier than the shoulder on the first set. this still allows the piece to self position and trim in place, and also helps it maintain shape. if the piece gets out of round for any reason, basically, you're screwed.

if you find some tubing that runs exactly 49/52, let us know the sourcing.

here are the first sleeves with a narrow 1mm+/- shoulder.

new sleeves with a 4mmX60mm shoulder.

lucky i made the change on the build sheet, i would have had a real tough time widening the slot otherwise. 1.5mm or .06 feels eggshell thin if ya have to do a little work on them.
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