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ive had two or three.

commute at 11pm, 65 miles and new job 53 miles from home.
on the longer it was all two lane roads here in wv up rt52.

in fall a town called gilbert has an atv trail fest for the hatfield mccoy trails. going to work one sunday, on my 600 shadow, i enter a nice left hand blind turn. i was going maybe 40-45 mph. its one of those long turns that follow the river. here comes a black tahoe with a ~ 20 foot camper/toy hauler in tow. the trailer is sliding into the turn and pulling the suv around with it. i dive for the outside of the turn and get between the white line and guard rail as it goes but in the middle of my lane.
had i been in my truck, i couldn't of missed him. that image is vivid in my head, his face with the look of terror has he hit this 35mph rated turn, believe he was from ohio maybe.. from what it looked like he passed a slower car and just couldn't slow down for the turn. its one of those turns( from his direction) that starts shallow and quickly gets sharp.

i have had two close calls with deer. one on a two lane stretch at about midnight. maybe oct about 2 years ago, i was running about 60 mph, to over a crest and see some deer in a field to my left. i slow some and from a right a doe jumps in front of me. lock it up and stop about 15 feet in front of it. i cuss at it, it blows at me and runs off.

the next one i was on my cm400e at about 1030 this march. doing about 70mph down the four lane. come around a turn and see a group of deer jumping the cables in the middle of the median. i give the drum brakes all they got. but the first deer was already in the passing lane. i release the brake and roll the throttle and tuck, i aim for the 3rd deers hind quarters. i feel the deers back leg graze my pants leg, as deer number 4 was just a few feet to my left. i was in shock that, i had split them. i was doing about 55mph when i went between them. ( 39hp +1 front sprocket doesnt have alot of power in top gear). i was shaking for the next 30 miles home. I still dont know how i didnt hit them or go down.

not had alot of traffic related issues, but i dont drive in traffic much.

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