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I'm in the same dilemma as the OP.

I've geared my DR650 so much toward the highway that the one time I did actually really try to wheelie the damned thing only came up about 4 inches.

Would I like to have the skill to wheelie? Yes.

Do I think that at 42 years of age it's something I want to chance with bikes that just aren't suited for it? No. (Not saying the DR650 isn't a wheelie king - but mine isn't just since I have gears that allow me to easily do 90 and 100 MPH to try to keep up with south Florida traffic on the super-slabs).

If I've ever given free reign on a 250cc dirt bike, and soft ground, I'm sure I'll try it... but until then I just won't.

I still get air time from smaller jumps and shit, but that's easier.
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