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More Day 7

So where was I ????

Oh yea----------------------rut ro

We came to this gate-----------I normally treat this as the road is public---but the land off the road isn't.
But we were all kind of nervous about it --------especially Bud.
We had rode many miles to this point---and finally turned back as I was hoping to talk to someone.
And I did find someone that said it was OK to pass thru.
So we got to ride those nice little dirt roads twice.

And we had some more of this.

I had gotten way ahead of Scott and Bud here and got in the shade to wait for them. We had ridden so many miles thru these mountains on little
dirt road I worried we weren't suppose to be out here.

From where we came. See the little guy coming across the scrub brush.

We went just a bit farther and I was so relieved to see this sign.
So we were good to go.

3 corners is close.

What a weird rock formation---there were several that looked very similar to this one in the 3 corners area.

We made it--------the 3 corners monument is up that hill------that hill is impossible to climb for meer mortals such as us.

You don't need a gps to find it-------just follow the arrow.

I looked at that hill and said there was no way I was walking up that sucker-------it was hot out and we'd had a hard day.
I know sooner got that out of my mouth when I took off walking. I'd never get back here again. How stupid would it be of me
not to take this opportunity of a lifetime---my bucket list would be incomplete.
If I died out here-----------so be it.

I wasn't sure Scott and Bud would follow me.
Someone had to call 911
Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest !!!!!

A superb ride would be lucky to get where Scott and Bud are----but right there the hill kicked almost straight up it seemed and
we almost had to crawl on our hands and knees to get to the top---------did I say it was hot out ????
Our bikes are little specs down there.
The Wans could have rode their 990 up here-----2 UP----at night---in the rain---after a hard day

I think I could have climbed on my 1974 200cc. Bultaco Pursang------in 1974 when I was 23 years old.

Crawling on your hands and knees you were tempted to use this barbed wire fence to pull you up.
Not a good idea.

The monument is 3 sided.
Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.
We all relished in the moment.

Who took the picture you ask----------------the camera.

Of course on the way back I had to get out my super big sharpy.

It was just 3.2 miles East to paved CR-207.
It was all impassable when wet and we scooted around a bunch of mud holes that were drying up.

OK 4 miles---sue me---if you come in this way----------it's way easier and shorter when dry---but not near the challenge or as much fun.
We had a ball using every navigation skill we had finding the monument from the West.

We head North on paved CR-207 towards Cokeville.

I loved Cokeville---------I could live here---I bet you ten we could have camped in the park.
Maybe Scott and Bud thought I was nuts----but we went in a little store with a deli and had them make us sandwiches
and took them to the park just down the road and ate under a shelter where a cool breeze was blowing.

More to come
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