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C'mon guys! I didn't think it would take that much prodding for someone to take me up on taking the day off to play dare. There's a free AntiHero decal (Red or Black Reflective) in it for the first guy (or girl) to do it and post a link to at least a few pics!!! Recording the call-in-sick audio or sending a screenshot of the "Can't come into work today--got stung by a bee." email get an extra bonus point.
I didn't call in sick, per-se, but I did take Friday off, hop on the bike for the weekend and ride for 700 miles to the north shore of lake superior and back. Had a great time in the rain, snow, and slush, sleeping in a hammock. I wish I had stopped to get a shot of the tracks in the slush, but I did get the frost on my seat:

and the rain on the everything:

and the dramatic sky over the rocks and water:

So there's that...
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