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I am having this issue now myself as my step daughter is 14. We got redistricted to a crappy high school in a political war and money won as it almost always does in these matters.
But anyway she has made the best of it and wants to have transportation this summer when she turns 15 and IMHO she deserves it.

In Georgia all you need is a learners permit which you can get at 15 to ride a 49cc scooter, no MC endorsement, no tag required.

Atlanta has horrible traffic and I've had several close calls myself. That said you have to live when you can and be where you are.
You can't wait for Someday because Someday never comes and you are only young once. Yes, I can actually remember what it felt like to be young.

There would have to be rules.
1.absolutely no night riding - ever (way to many drunks and people playing with thier damn phones while driving giant SUV's)
2 full face helmet, (obvious)
3 mandatory mesh motorcycle jacket with Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 in pocket
4 no two up riding (don't want another parent to sue me)
5 I or Mother need to kown where you are ( I might track her I-phone)
6 no riding to South Atlanta without a police escort or armed guards - ( Step son hit a crub and flattened a tire on way to Governors Honors interview down by the Federal Prison despite being heavily armed we became concerned when the 14th crackhead came by and approached us at the disabled car - no joke we counted 14 and one 3 times in the 69 minutes it took AAA to get there - never buy a used SAAB no matter how good the deal.

I pick the scooter and it will be ridden by me and anything not right checked by the shop I use.
Thinking Yamaha Zuma/Zino or Rough House as they are 2 stroke with oil injection, but a Honda or Buddy would do no Chinese crap.

Already checked with the Kids Boss (my wife) I'm the one whose concerned.
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