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Two years ago I got my wife (of 20 years) a 05 Yamaha XT225 for Christmas.
After a month I said to my buddy (who I have been riding with for 10+years)
Lets take the plated bikes up to see a trail I saw on google maps...

We get to the head of trail and see the mile of grassy trail under the power line and both grin and give a thumbs up. I hit the throttle and he follows right behind, ripping thru the gears and tearing up some grassy goodness.

After about 4th gear I notice a ditch up ahead and I begin to stop and pull to the right of the trail. I turn my head to the left to see my buddy come by me at still on the gas, going about 40mph right about the same time he notices the ditch. He grabs all the brake he can get and washes the front wheel out in an instant. The bike slams to the ground and he and the bike slide into the ditch. He land face down in about a foot of nasty stagnant ditch water. I would have been pissed about him crashing my wife's new bike but I couldn't stop laughing. He stood up trying to gasp for air after having the wind knocked out of him and the first thing i noticed was his goggles were about half filled with shit-water. He looked like an idiot.

We fucking belly-laughed for about 20 minutes. Every time I inhaled, I could not escape the stench of that nasty scum he fell into. If it wasn't for the intense humiliation he suffered I would have been pissed...

In the end, he reimbursed me for $65 worth of fender and a headlite cowel.

Oh yeah... my wife was real pissed. She couldn't see the humor at all...
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