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Originally Posted by Auto-X Fil View Post
The three categories of wheelies:

1) Unweighting or lifting the front wheel. It's quick, not very aggressive, and very useful. The front wheel barely comes off the ground, but it's useful for getting over logs and the like. It's not particularly fun, and can be done with a quick weight shift and a little throttle on almost any bike.

2) Sustained power wheelies. You've got the front wheel decidedly off the ground, but still a ways from the balance point. You're holding it up by being at full throttle, or close to it. This is very useful for getting through water without getting soaked or endo-ing. It's also really fun on a bike with the balls to hold one for a while.

3) Balance wheelies. These are harder, and completely useless. They are stunting. They are riskier to do than a power wheelie, but can be done at lower speeds, since you have to accelerate hard to hold a power wheelie. I can't really do these very well yet, but I keep messing around because it's a fun thing to try and get. I only do this on my dirt bike, because I feel like looping it is not unlikely.
Help me out here I tried yesterday and failed to wheelie my Wee Strom. It's got crash bars - skid plate - hand guards and didn't cost too much so my only concern is my health because at middle age stuff doesn't heal up like it used to.

Having found a mostly hidden slab where a big box store was torn down by my house, I was practicing the skills Off Road Fanatic has on U-tube.

Figure 8's -then one handed figure 8's -then standing figure 8's - mostly failed at standing 1 handed standing figure 8's - didnt even try knees on the seat or side saddle stuff.
Emergency stops all good - lock up back tire -squeeze front hard while leaning back.

Could not get the Wee to do a roll on throttle wheelie - takes off fast but no wheelie even dumping clutch and wide open throttle in first gear.

Tried rolling start - shift to second pull in clutch - rev and drop clutch - front jumped but just compresseed back suspension still no wheelie.
On 4th try chain made a bad sound so I went home.

Am I not leaning back enough ? Not pulling up on the bars ? not reving it enough ? not dumping the clutch hard enough ?

Help me out here I can't afford a Ducati because apparently that's what they we built for as anybody on one pulls a wheelie ever few miles around here.
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