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Day 8 September 8th, 2013

Day 8

For most of the day the route I had laid out at home would work out really nice as we Headed South out of Kenmerer--then East from Mountain View, Wyoming.

Some of the Navigation today proved to be challenging and I'm sure Bud was Questioning if I had a clue where I was going.
Well---------he was right I didn't. But used my wits as we ran into some very small dirt roads that I thought would disappear--but
I soldiered on and it never got too tough for us.
Dingweeds was totally use to this stuff from me.

We didn't seem to get any pictures of the tough climb up to this fence.
I searched and searched for a place to go thru and finally found a spot---where I opened and closed a wire gate.
There was orange paints on the pole on the other side---which a lot of ranchers used as to point out private property.
I was nervous as we exited what might have been a private ranch---but we saw no signs prior to that..

Same place--------I was on the "SAFE" side but Bud had to go back and help Scott upright his bike as he slid out on the
nasty steep hill and had a hard time gettting going. Man was I glad we were on small bikes.

Al those dirt roads would lead us to Green River Utah where we gassed up and got some groceries.
I figured out a really neat route to by-pass Green River to the South and it would prove to be awesome.

I found a newly built bridge over the Colorado river South of town and we were soon on "Scotts Bottom Road"----in the pouring rain.
This road was awesome------even in the rain.
On google earth I didn't thing the road was do-able.

I love this picture of Bud--his KTM and the Colorado river.
I'm glad Scott took some pictures--as I had my camera tucked away.

It poured and poured and I feared the dirt road would get impassable--------but it didn't.

I think we got it made----------my route was looking good.

Well Crap !!!!!!
The road I had routed us down was no good it seems---we wanted to go on down it but the bad weather loomed
and the road was definitely not passable if wet.
And we headed to territory we had been to before.
I was so hoping to go a new way.

We had crossed into Colorado way West of where I wanted to and the weather played heck with us
as we neared the old Swinging bridge over the Green River that me and Scott had been over before.
I wanted Bud to see it----and we went down a side road so he could and then went back.

Ahhhhhhh----what's this------never been thew here before-----we don't have jobs---we don't
have to be anywhere---let's go see what this is ?????

This view is below the falls---pretty neat.
The falls were on Vermillion creek.

We rolled into Maybel, Colorado and scouted around for camping or a place to stay.
You could camp here in the park for a very small fee and there was a shower.
This was a tiny town----and lately I have found many little towns in my travels which would let you do this.

But-------it was fixin' to pour down---and the thunder was thundering.
And this old place came into view-----we overlooked this place totally but some other riders were staying there and
we stayed there too--------one of the neatest places I've ever stayed in-------We did not want to leave.

That was a long time ago.

I'm so mad at myself for not taking pictures of the inside--it was magnificent and for $70 we got 2 rooms------and a shower.
The other riders were so interesting.

We talked of travels on the porch for hours--such nice people---all on DR650's.
A bike very well respected by me.

I wish I could remember all of this fellows stories---but he had a career as a forest ranger, worked as an off road tour guide for BMW traveling throughout the south west and Mexico and is currently working for Harley Davidson Motor Company. We shared incredible motorcycle stories for hours on that front porch with that DR-650 gang.

This the owner of the stores dog-----------he was so funny.
If he wanted in the house-------he'd bark one time---and you better let me in.
Same for going out.
He liked playing tug-o-war.

Hunters stay here a lot---and Dingweed is a big hunter.
He was all over this thing---something about "points" or something ??????

What an enjoyable and unforgettable evening we had at the old Motel.

Here is a rough map of our ride that day---about 247 miles.

2008 Yamaha WR250R/2006 KTM 450EXC/2014 KTM690/2013 Husky 650 TR650

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