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Originally Posted by Hektoglider View Post
cool video

anyone go renew thier plate validation sticker lately?

I bought one for the KLR in Sept and it was $21 for one year. I dont know what the new rate is now, but the form my relative had for his pickup truck said $90 for one year, a jump of more than double the previous $42 price. The form had red ink on it saying " new increased rates"
I like to ride a bike for 6 weeks, then park it, and take a different bike for a month or so.....each one needs a plate sticker. Riding 6 or 7 bikes in the course of a season sometimes. At $50? a crack I may change this behavior. My insurance agent is very cool with juggling the bikes and made it very easy to switch rides during the season.
$90 for a
Prices went up Sept 1 but not that much. The $90 is probably a truck in for southern Ontario.

The Northern Ontario price went up from $41 to $45

Motorcycle in North is 21 and 42 in the south
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