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Originally Posted by Cal View Post
I love Pupusas!! Did you have a glass of Horchata also? I am re living my visits to Guatemala through your report. There were 2 pupuseria's here in Calgary our favourite just went out of buisness, it was my wife and I's favourite resturant.
I have not tried Horchata, what the heck is it?
In El Tunco there apparently is a Pupusa place that makes them with flour instead of corn and they are according to the people I met there "the best ever"

Originally Posted by schwahead View Post
Your bringing back lots of memories of my ride through Mexico and Central America as we'll only on the drz. Are you planning on riding back?
If you do end up riding to xela look for villa Esmeralda, the owner is a duals port rider and lives behind the hotel. Very friendly and willing to help other riders out.
Remember to turn your headlight off or cover it up in Honduras. It's illegal to ride with it on during the day and you will get a ticket.
If you come across people with a chain or rope going across the road near border crossings you don't have to pay them, just keep revving the engine or go around.
I recommend visiting San Juan del sur in Nicaragua for a laid back small surfer town.
In panama in the town of boquete there's a mountain you can climb where you can see the pacific and Atlantic Ocean on a clear day. The name of the mt. Eludes me.
I stayed at a couple of the special motels myself. I liked the fact that my bike was safe in the garage next to me. I would pull the bike up so the front wheel was on the handle to open the garage door.
Border crossings are easiest and least congested earliest in the morning. Copies, copies, copies.

Stay safe, keep the bike right side up, and have fun!
I rode through Honduras today (future post with details). Lights on all day and rode through 6 military/police check points and was stopped only once for about 30 seconds.

Thanks for the tips!
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