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Attendance expected to decline again. 100,000 the first year. 75 the second year. Maybe 65,000 this year.

Sauber's Monisha Kaltenborn, who is Indian, thinks F1 has completely dropped the ball in India. It's a huge market and while it has terrible poverty, it also has growing wealth and opportunity. F1 has failed to make inroads.

I think Bernie's shortsighted need to satisfy his paymasters is why. Bernie's totally focused on squeezing the last dollar out of every deal. He pays no attention whatsoever to marketing the sport or growing it. He bounces from country to country looking for the next government or business that's willing to pay his exorbitant fees.

Ecclestone has no time or energy left to actually market his sport. He could care less if the stands are empty and the host country apathetic. As long as he has his money, he's happy.

Hell, I firmly believe he was coerced by the teams, via the Concorde agreement, to expand F1's presence in North America. I think he was willing to let Montreal and the United States go begging, had the teams not forced him to find opportunities here.

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