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Passed Out In CO & Washed Up In UT! Big Bikes Conquer The Elements Of The West!

DAY 9: 2013 KTM Rally, Steamboat Springs, CO
Day 3 of the Rally

After eating like Kings and Queens for breakfast, there was plenty to discuss.
We met up with the UT riders we met last night. (I'm so sorry guys! My bad, I totally forgot to write down your names )
And they were able to pinpoint on their maps the section of the UTBDR that was closed when they had passed through a few days ago.
They also provided us with their bypass routes. Thank you so much guys! You are awesome!
I hope you are reading this and chime in and let us know how your ride home went and you made it ok!
We lucked out with the weather and got to ride through Dinosaur Monument, a bit muddy in certain spots, but fair riding conditions overall - stay tuned for later post on that day.

Today would be touristing day, for me. Russ was going to be doing some riding lessons with Jimmy Lewis while Jeremy and Mike did the Kremmling Loop on their own.

Here are pics from their ride...


A "little" bit of mud...

Some downed trees...

Wow. Seriously? I researched why this is so - fascinating!

And why is there a military helicopter on display at a high school? Pretty cool though.

Thanks, Mike! For remembering to take a pic of your food in Kremmling. I love food porn!

They didn't get too many pics as it was raining and the trail conditions were a bit sketchy and slick, but I was thankful for the pics they were able to get.

In the meantime, I was playing tourist all day and did about a total of 10 miles hiking and walking all around town. I first started at the Visitor Center and planned my stops from there.

Neat covered wagon at the Center.

I went to hike at Fish Creek Falls. Highly recommend. Close to town and the trails are well maintained.

Very cool antique tractor/trailer/tiller? being used as lawn art on someone's front yard.

Then I went to the Botanical Garden in town. This place was awesome! Small but packs a punch! Excellent collection of flora and trees.
Well maintained landscape. I wish I had brought a picnic lunch!

Here are some of the highlights. If you'd like to see more of this garden, you can find more pics I took here.

I was able to snap pics of these huge moths that behave like hummingbirds. Very cool!

I then had a delicious lunch at The Boathouse with a wonderful view.

I had to walk off some of the food from lunch and prior meals and just walked around town.

Hilarious gum wrappings at Fuzzywigs!

If you'd like to see more pics I took around town, you can find them here.

After my day tour, I headed back to The Grand, cleaned up and met up with the guys for dinner for our Last Supper!
It was Awards Dinner Night and it was going to be atop the mountain via Gondola ride.

I missed the Gondola Ride in Telluride, so I was extra excited about this one. I love Gondola Rides, even though I have a fear of heights.

Spectacular view of the sunset!

Dinner, drinks and dessert were delicious and non-stop!

Time to pass out The Awards!

Congrats to Joel for winning "The Tourist" Award for taking the most pics other than the KTM Photog and me!

Congrats to Wolfy for winning Mr. Social, although he claimed, at the mike, to be anti-social.

Congrats to all the other Award Winners. You can find their pics here.

Other prizes would be given as well!
During the Rally, we were each given a punch card with your name on it containing the names of all the vendors.
When you visited each vendor, they would hole-punch the card next to their name.
Once you had all the holes punched, you turned it in and it would be placed in a drawing bowl.
During the Awards Dinner, cards would be drawn and various prizes given.

On the second from the last prize drawing, a KTM Tank Bag and Vest was being award.
As soon as it was announced, the first thing out of Jeremy's mouth, "I want that babe. I really need a new tank bag."

Next thing you know...

I guess, "ask and ye shall receive".

Jeremy kept the tank bag and Mike got the vest.

To cap off a great day and evening... REMATCH!

Mike still dominated in hockey. And Russ, well, he most definitely did not want to play with me anymore!

Not sure how they roped me into getting on this saddle, but I must have felt bad about playing well against the guys , so I indulged.
Thank goodness it was not mechanical! Although... that might have been a little fun!
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