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An Aussie raid hits the well-stocked Ibis breakfast buffet like a bomb, looks like everyone's enjoying stuffing their face in the mornings by now.

No rush…everything outside is dripping , tufts of fog bouncing between the ground and the low clouds like yoyos….looks like we're in for another day of miserable weather.
Yesterday's starting head cold has also taken firm control of my schnozzer and throat, eyes and nose going hammer and tongs in the "water-ing" department.
We've still got 2-3 days worth of plans for the lower Valais area…but the weather might be better on the southern side of the main ridge, maybe Aosta, maybe further south, who knows?
Staying and "riding it out?...or…punching through the crap across the Great St. Bernard into Northern Italy?

A fleeting moment of "light" on the old ruins above the city swings the rudder towards hanging in and using up our "buffer-day" early in the trip.

Let's check out Sion…or Sitten, as it was called until not all that long ago.
Settled a few 1000 years BC, it certainly has a bit of real history.

Not to mention its existence as a "McPope-franchise"…as one might call one of the oldest dioceses of the Catholic Church north of the Alps... in modern speak.
Some informative reading on Wiki, here.

The "ray of enlightenment" doesn't last long though…another blackbelly dumps it's load on our way across the swollen Rhone river…

…for another short, bright glimpse at the old + new in one frame.
Nice shot, mate…and it shows up that things are still pretty much the same, even if there are a few centuries or so in between.

Remember that stretch of road yesterday? Only THAT wide, mate, I tellya…

How about a ladder to get onto a bridge to get onto a ladder to get off a bridge?
Looks all a bit complicated to me….but should work, eh?

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