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Originally Posted by CharlieT View Post
Grieving widow? I bought it out of an old storage barn at a motorcycle dealership!!

They asked me how much I'd give them for it, but I just hemmed and hawed about not knowing what it was or anything else about it, so I let them name the price and when they asked if I would give them $200 for it, with a very straight face and stroking my beard for a minute, I said well, since you can't tell me what it is or how old, I suppose I could go up to $200.

Didn't know for sure what it was, but looking at the construction, I figured late teens to mid-30's and likely for an American bike, either Harley or Indian.

Ted and I had to contain ourselves until we got in the truck to leave.

Don't let Than know what I paid for it....some folks might consider that highway robbery.
Your secret is safe with me. I saw a couple of Thans bros on their brand new Concours patrol bikes in San Antonio today. Sweet!
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