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Originally Posted by farmerstu View Post
in mn. it is specifically Illegal unless there is a bypass lane specifiably marked as such. it is also specifiably illegal to use a right turn lane to pass a left turning car and not turn right.
Originally Posted by Waco View Post
It's probably illegal everywhere, but it's done everywhere and I've never heard of anyone getting a ticket for it.
It used to be illegal in Wisconsin as well, but the law now says that you can pass a left-turning car as long as you don't leave the pavement. That's always been the law in most of the West.

As for using a right turn lane for anything other than turning right, yeah, that's illegal everywhere if it's marked for a right turn. A lot of rural intersections will have an ambiguous bypass lane that can be used either to turn right or to go around a left turner. As long as there are no lane-use markings, both maneuvers are legal. Wisconsin has tons of these where state highways or county trunk roads meet smaller roads. None of them have lane-use markings.
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