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Ok, lemme see, where to begin...

Originally Posted by Barnone View Post
Very stupid poll.
Originally Posted by Barnone View Post
Still a stupid poll. Not a stupid skill.
Thanks for the, um, input. I guess. Any advice on how I could improve? Was it too many choices? The mundane bits of humor? Was it too hard? Do you have strong socio/political ties to either Uganda or it's prairie dogs? Let me know, and I'll try to do better.

Originally Posted by xymotic View Post
I would say lifting a wheel and a wheelie are two different things.
Originally Posted by Auto-X Fil View Post
The three categories of wheelies:

1) Unweighting or lifting the front wheel. It's quick, not very aggressive, and very useful. The front wheel barely comes off the ground, but it's useful for getting over logs and the like. It's not particularly fun, and can be done with a quick weight shift and a little throttle on almost any bike.

2) Sustained power wheelies. You've got the front wheel decidedly off the ground, but still a ways from the balance point. You're holding it up by being at full throttle, or close to it. This is very useful for getting through water without getting soaked or endo-ing. It's also really fun on a bike with the balls to hold one for a while.

3) Balance wheelies. These are harder, and completely useless. They are stunting. They are riskier to do than a power wheelie, but can be done at lower speeds, since you have to accelerate hard to hold a power wheelie. I can't really do these very well yet, but I keep messing around because it's a fun thing to try and get. I only do this on my dirt bike, because I feel like looping it is not unlikely.
This seems like some useful information. I guess I'm more interested in "lifting" than the actual wheelie. That's the part that seems like it could be a useful skill, as opposed to the stunting type. That said:

Originally Posted by randyo View Post
certainly a good skill to know how to handle a wheelie, I have found my front wheel in the air more than once when not planned
Randyo has a valid point here as well. I ought to be able to control my bike at all times, not just when things are going well. Which leads us to:

Originally Posted by Crisis management View Post
Why not learn to?

It's a skill that teaches clutch, throttle, brake and balance control, what's bad about that?
Now this next part, I have to admit, it had been some time since I'd tried, so today after work, I went for a short ride. Guess what? I think I was wrong before. It will wheelie. Bear in mind that I wasn't trying to wheelie, but I wasn't trying not to either. I was just in my normal riding position, completely off of the clutch, at about a 12.7mph roll in first gear (yeah, I've got GPS), and if I grab a handful throttle, it will begin to pull right up. Once this happens, I immediately let off and grab some clutch, 'cause I'm a chicken, but the bike seems ok with it. I think I got ~2"-4" a couple of times, but I wasn't trying for more. I just wanted to know what would happen, and what it was like. I can imagine that if I was actually trying, it would have only been better.

Originally Posted by ct-ktm View Post
If you twist the throttle it will wheelie in stock form..

But if you own a DR and have not found that out yet you might want to leave the front tire on the ground..
Originally Posted by Vankaye View Post
For the DR owner: Slide your butt back on the seat and give the throttle a squirt. If it doesn't come up you need to do some jetting. (my bone stock 99 with a cv carb will wheelie all day long if you shift the weight back just a little bit)
So, with my mission accomplished, I decided to stop by my folks house. Mom was just taking cookies out of the oven, so I got to snack on homemade warm Andes mint chip cookies while explaining to my parents what I was out and about doing. I think I know what mom would vote on the poll. Dad can see the logic, but is also interested in Ugandan prairie dog hunting, so...

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