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I was up early to catch a Sunset Ballon flight over the Namib Desert and Dunes (was really looking forward to this!!)

BUT it was too windy, so here I am at the campsite office, No Ballon ride today..... And the Namib Park was closed to Motorcycles due to some motorcyclist that went off roading on the dunes and now we are banned from riding in the 65 Km to see Sussosvei Anyhow, I asked about one of the jeep rides... they called, and got a questionable answer, so i walked over to check.... None Available What? I see people loading up and seats are open Crazy poor customer service . But fortunately after I walked back to teh campsite, a helpful woman that worked there called a friend who drivers the shuttles the last 5KM in deep sand to take people in. He stopped by and I drove in with the driving crew, with the idea that I would have to find a ride back out.... Long narrative, but it was the early start to my day. Jorg stayed in bed, as he is planning to bring Lily back next year!

Into the park we go!

As you head into the park .... The reddish dunes appear!

I get to the end of the road with the shuttle..... Then do the 1.1 Km hike into deadvlei.

The dune was steep and wind was blowing.

Just very interesting patterns the sand makes

Met up with some German tourists was we walked up. Was nice to meet T and Connie. Hope to see them again someday. They ended up giving me a ride out to the tar road.

Here they are after I started to go down the sand.....

It is a steep downhill slide.....

The dead Vlei

The dunes were great! But filled my shoes with sand.

Got back to the campsite at around 11 Am, after being up early and then hiking the dunes. Was already a bit tired, and the temps were going up! But off we decided to ride.

Some vehicles do not make the rough roads......

Riding south

The terrain was interesting and vast..... The road surfaces varied greatly.

During the middle of afternoon the road got rougher and sandier .... We were about 180 Miles of riding and the road was taking a great deal of concentration with the deeper sand.

* Note: as a rider, you always want to ride your own ride. Said it many times .... But at one point I was not having fun riding as the road worsened, and Jorg and I had different paces. I was feeling a bit pushed ..... Just concentrating on the riding, and felt like I was missing out on enjoying the Namibia I came to see (and not wanting to make a mistake and go down in such a remote place). Jorg was riding a bit faster enjoying the challenge of the ride. The reason I write this, is that this is what happens when you ride with other riders. No big deal, but I was a bit tired and felt a bit out of sorts. At first I was not figuring out my own feelings..... We had ridden 1,500 Km of gravel and loose sand over the past few days, and fatigue was setting in.

We ended up stopping a bit earlier than planned in Helmeringhausen, so I could rest up. Instead of pushing on another 250KM which was the plan ....

It was the right thing to do. I can let Jorg comment as well on the road and the interactions.

We camped at a nice Germany feeling place.

Had a nice meal.

and then ..... The sign pulled us in.

It was very good and Fresh indeed. But Jorg said, "not as good as Mom's"

Nice place to relax

and Smell some flowers

Chapter 3 of my life...... with Faith, Hope and Courage!

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