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Nocturnal animals will give ya a fright when they're just standing there on the side of the road; with my luck I'll be cruising the roads through the bayou and a friggen alligator will attempt to cross the road and I hit it. I leave the office at midnight and sometimes I just go for a ride instead of heading home. I'll end up in New Orleans or Mobile by the secondary roads and it's drunks and critters I look out for. I find that the roads are kind of empty the later it gets and I like that; you can really see the texters and phone users by the glow of the phone, easier to avoid them at night.

I noticed that I speed more during the daylight hours and I tend to keep the speed down to the actual speed limit at night. The cops have nothing better to do and you're a prime target for speed checks, at least where I live. I already got pulled over once this year and was let go with a warning. You'll get hyper-aware when riding at night, you'll get used it but don't let your guard down.

You really want to pucker up? Ride at night during a rain storm with a cross wind.

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