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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
I work part-time at a gun store. Here in AZ it's damn near dark this time of year a 6pm, definitely dark at 7pm. I don't like riding at night, I admit; because I think all the bad/inattentive stuff cagers do during the day are magnified at night; not to mention that they may be even more "impaired" for whatever reason.

I'd like to know (from those of you who do it a lot) what your suggestions might be re: how to survive this situation? I have many years of riding under my belt; but as I write this, I realize that very few of them were riding at night.

Thanks for your input:
Similar guidelines to daytime...see and be seen. Do NOT outride your sightlines.

Light up the bike with amber and red LEDs, front, back and sides. Red to the rear, and amber to the front. Go to and get their reflector tail/brake "bulb" that flashes 3x before going solid. I also put DOT red/white reflective tape on my topcase. Make sure you have a good headlight. HIDs are popular.

Wear hi-viz green with reflective patches on arms, legs, back, chest, and shoulders. Wear a white helmet with reflective tape on front, back, top, and sides. If you get tossed off the bike and are laying in the road, you don't want to get hit. Keep your faceshield clean.

Watch out for drunks. Watch out for vehicles with no frikken lights on. Use some LED fog lights to illuminate the road shoulders, show critters, and make your bike more visible.
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