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Hello Tiffany,
Just PM me, IŽll give you all the necessary data. Watch out for the climate getting worse in the North now that summer comes, with itŽs rain... there are definitely many river crossings involved, most had low level when we were there, some still upper thigh. Also mud. Also donŽt rely too much on what people say if a road can be taken or not. Most donŽt realise what a DR350 is able to cope with. As a rule of thumb, where Zebu with trailers go, you can go. You may need help at some places, may suffer from the rough terrain (a Zebu with trailer is a, albeit slow, but very capable vehicle), but with time and efforts, youŽll get through. Where only Zebu go is like following a hiking path in a mountain: at some point, youŽll get stuck. You have a very good machine for Madagascar, going into the bush and outback is a very rich experience there.

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Hi Franck
loving the ride report already, and feeling very excited as that is an area I'll be reaching later next month. Currently heading south and east in Madagascar on the Suzuki DR 350 that I've bought here.
maybe I'll look up Thierry when I reach Nosy Be.
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