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"That was a great article, thank you for linking it. Iím greatly pleased to see that CJ is continuing to develop and refine his conversion."

Thanks, It's been a long season with slow delopement on this bike with everything going on around here with a new shop build and home move. Be every trip and mile put on it does help and shows that this can work in the real world.

"CJ, if you ever do get to the point of developing a kit for the KTM 690óif it is at all feasible, please make the kit compatible with the extended range auxiliary gas tanks from Safari and RR. (and RRs upgraded 300mm front fork travel kit--heck I want it all!)."

I have had several requests for this bike and I think it could be a great build up. It has some new challenges, but a lot of the 950, parts andb uild ideas would transfer over. Knowing what already works is a huge help and I will be considering those tank options as a requirement to fit.

"I read somewhere awhile back (I canít remember the source or I would link it) that repeated deep water crossings in the run of a day might present a problem for the Chrisitini system due to having the lubricant washed away. Any insights on whether this is a valid concern or would the system need per crossing or daily fresh applications of lube? How long would it take to completely re-apply lube to the system at the end of a day? Thank you in advance. "

Anyone has traveled with me will know I tend to find mud, water crossings and don't shy away from it unless I need scuba gear. So far it's help up great. The gear box is sealed with o-rings and I pack it with synthetic grease.

My inspection and service goes like this:
Every tire change (every 7-10,000 miles) I pull the front drive side covers off (6 bolts per side - 5 min)

I inspect and clean as need, repack with grease (15 min)

I check bearings for any or grittyness and change as needed. (15 min)

Put the covers back on and install new wheel.

The drive shafts have a linear bearing grease fitting on them. Give it a few squirts.

If anything feals odd, put a new bearing or seal in it. This summer before heading to CO for the KTM Rally I put a fresh set of bearing and seals in the drive hubs. (I try to do this once a season - every 15-20,000 miles - just to prevent any issues when on the road) I think it took me about 1 hour to disassemble, clean, inspect and replace with new parts.

The main drive chain gives me about 2,500 miles of continuous use with this High HP and weight bike. I run it till it's stretched, toss it and put another on. These chains pack small and I can keep 2 spares on the bike in my ESB. They run about $15 each.(cheap fun) and I can remove it in about 10 min for longer pavement runs from WI to CO. Just like unlocking your hubs on a Jeep. Why have everything spinning when you don't need it?

The CV joint I'm running has only needed to be serviced ONCE, and that was to install a NEW CV boot before we left for Alaska. ( I failed to recognize if would grow - expand ast I approach 100 mph and it hit the frame and rubbed the rubber thin) I had modified the frame to fix that before heading to Alaska, so it's pretty much a maintance free item now.

CF Slipper clutch pack-
I have gone through one set of friction clutch pack disks so it seems like every 30-40,000 miles I need a new set and basket.

Head Bearing-
I'm still on the same LARGER head bearing set, and chain and gear set in the triple clamps, run in grease. Never given me any issues.

I need to make more custom double LC8 Sprockets over the winter to try some new gearing options, but those have held up very well too. Best thing is I can always swap on an OEM front Sprocket setup and continue on if need be, or if I want to run a 17/45 accross the plains and swap on a 16 tooth AWD front sprocket for the mountains at camp.

90 degree gear box-
No issues, it's been holding up great. and I can service it with the engine in the frame and remove it in about 30 min if need be. I'm working on some udates for this on future builds so removal won't be needed to service it at all it's pretty much been a maintanace free item.
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