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Originally Posted by bungie4 View Post
Everybody knows you go where you look. When I did my first Total Control course last year (Level 1) a few things jumped out at me, fundamentals that I had gotten extremely lacks with over 35 years of riding. One of the biggest ones was turning my damn head! I guess that came from ogling other women in the presence of my GF's.

Since that time I force myself to turn my head when riding. I also have to force myself to look WAY up the road on the hwy instead of a few hundred feet. It's a very interesting sensation. It's like seeing the entire world in 3D for the first time. Objects appear stationary way up the road, but you pick up the trees and stuff close up whizzing buy in your peripheral vision. Love it.

Anyway, glad you liked the pics and maybe you'll notice that you don't turn your head enough and it'll spur a change.
Here is a link to a series of pictures, and a classic example of the wrong way to go through a corner, at Deals Gap . The fellow is focused on getting his picture taken and likely begins his turn too late, drags some metal and scares out, stands the bike up and runs into the car. Note not a single skid mark and the car is close to stopped (except for movement trying avoid the crash) when they make contact.
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