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I also wear gear with reflective elements (but not hi-viz) and have 3M reflective material at crucial places like the backs of the hard cases. 3M makes a material that is colored in daylight (black, red, yellow, etc. to match what you stick it on) but is highly reflective at night and even shows up at certain sun angles during the day. I don't have a photo of it on my GS luggage, but here it is on an RT I used to own:

It's black during the day and super reflective at night and can cover a very large area. I bought some red and black in 4" by 60" rolls, I think from but it also comes in larger sheets and many colors. Here's a link to one site:

Good luck with your efforts to light up the night! Once you get comfortable with your lights and other visibility needs it really is a whole new world of riding enjoyment.

How well does the kit for the sidecases reflect? I stuck some cheap strips from Ace Hardware on my cases (R12R), and they reflect light 180* perfectly. Anything that is not aligned with the sight angle doesn't reflect very well. Unfortunately, headlights are several degrees lower than eyes, so the strips are both ugly and ineffective in showing the back of the bike in traffic.
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