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A few more beers in the Silver Queen (as well as their most excellent Hot Buttered Rum) and it was time to call it a night. Another round of pictures before bed.

I finish taking pictures and head to bed. A little later I hear a group of people coming up the stairs. WTF. They wander around and talk and talk. It turns out there was a ghost tour coming through. They wander off and there's a knock at my door. Perhaps they want to view the suicide room? Turns out a ghost must've taken my room key and left it in the outside lock. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

After the ghost tour left I drifted off to sleep. I'm awoken by the pitter-patter of light feet on a carpet. Okay. Perhaps its someone coming back late. The pacing continues. It's mildly annoying me. Couldn't they just go to bed or sit down or something? The pacing stops and a voice starts up. A womans voice. Am I hearing the ghost? For the next few hours I hear this woman talking. Blathering on. Loudly. In the hall. Ghost or not shes just plane rude. When she gets to the bit about her cellphone working while no one elses will I contemplate turning her into a ghost.

So while I didn't get much sleep that night it wasn't due to anything supernatural. Just some loud obnoxious twit on her cellphone. As far as I know there was no supernatural activity. Perhaps the ghost got annoyed with the twit in the hall as I?

I did have a good time in town - no emails, no SMS no phone calls, skype chat requests, just a nice town with nice people eager to provide booze and ghost stories.

When I got back home I stopped off at my local watering hole and after telling them my sob story of missing the ghost but being kept up all night by the talker I was given a drink made with this stuff

I don't recommend it. Perhaps the ghost made me drink it.
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