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I need donations to help out a family in need !!!

Big Shout out to John and the RMAR these guys rock. I have a bid for this set at $1100.00 bucks Read below and send me a bid on my klim email. Its time to give back guys Klim has donated over 150 Grand in door prizes just in the last three years for events and sponsorships we can do better than this. Also please post to other threads for me Warn winch sent over a nice package to sell at the fund raiser and others are stepping up.
Here is what its about !
Iíve dealt with many of you guys and gals in person over the years and if you know me you also know I donít spend a lot of time positing on the site. BUT this is a personal matter and I want you guys to please pass this around to other threads. So here goes it! One of my coworkers here at Klim also a great friend was delivered news that no parent ever wants to hear. Ike his 1year old son has a very rare genetic disorder. It affects less than one out six hundred thousand the name is so long I canít begin to spell it. His body does not dispose of enzymes so it stores them in his bones. It is fatal and the life expectancy is 3-10 years depending on how his body reacts to the treatments. He has started special treatments that can prolong his life but they cost $10,000.00 dollars per week. I would like to help him out so I figured a little fund Raiser with the Inmates was in order. If you are interested in owning a brand new set of Badlands jacket and pant any color please send me a bid on the set. It retails for $1548.00 dollars. The winning bid will also get a onetime use 50% off code to use to complete the setup maybe gloves. Iíve never tried this before but I feel compelled to do something.

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