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Never lend a bike!

Back in my Softmore year of College.. My roommate and I both had motorcycles..
I had a 1984 250 ninja, and I think he had a 750 Yamaha Virago IIRC? Anyhow..
We went to the MC junk yard for parts one day.. and found a crashed 1990 Kawasaki KZ1000 P that the Phoenix PD had junked.. It was not bad perhaps a low speed rear ending? Anyhow it just needed new forks, front wheel and some other not so hard to source parts.. they wanted $500 for it and we bought it and brought her home.. With our limited student budgets.. we took 3 months too source the cheapest replacement parts, and fixed it..
The day we were putting the finishing touches on it (BTW a Friday) we were drinking lots a beer on a pre-emptive celebration College style..
We finally buttoned the last items up and cleaned up the garage by 9PM and we were fairly tipsy.. When the usual drinking buddies started showing up for the Friday night usual festivities!
So we pulled the bike out of the garage.. Let everyone know: NO we are not going to ride , and no no-one else can ride it either! We have nor registered or insured the bike and besides we are both drunk!
But we can turn it on and show off our work.. Admire our cool “cop bike” and generally show off our wrenching skills and final work! For a couple of 21 yr. old guy’s first wrenching experience; we were truly proud of our achievement!
So we are sitting around explaining what we did what we fixed drinking more and more beer! And showing off! Turned on the bike when someone asked does it run with you two monkeys wrenching on it? So started her up.. And our ex-friend Carlos (Hereafter referred to as “the morron”) jumps on it.. He Immediately proceeds to idiotically revvi our baby to redline! Bloody Idiot! I’m screaming over the engine noise.. STOP! That’s no good for a cold engine! GET OFF THE BIKE YOU MORRON! When he turned to look at my VERY PISSED-OFF FACE! And I heard the sound I’ll never forget in my life! At redline his foot hits the shifter! The bike does a wheelie for about 20Ft straight into a cinder block fence and both our just finished project bike and the Mother E F-ing Morron! Both end about 40 ft into my neighbour’s yard! The morron broke his arm in 6 places, several ribs, pelvis, and both legs in at least 4 places IIRC… I don’t want to even go into the aftermath implications and costs to both me and my roommate but we were renting, [img][/img] and to start with the Morron did not have any health insurance and the bike was obviously not registered or insured!
Just remembering “the Morron” gets my blood boiling!
R1150GSA (Fiona) and K1200RS (Tortuguita)
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