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Ok...this was my overall plan for my kids regarding street riding, bitd:

first, learn to drive the car. this was to let them get used to the traffic scenario and to see how bad it really is and being responsible for it.

second, spend the time of the cage practice hours talking about street riding and anticipating traffic problems. LISTEN, a lot, to how they see stuff.

third, take the MSF BRC and do well on the riding part of the test.

fourth, read "Proficient Motorcycling" and practice some exercises

fifth, hope that they really see that their safety is overwhelmingly a mental exercise and learning to operate the bike properly will take some time.

BITD, I told them that their family cage privileges were optimized so that they really would get the chance to learn to drive well. And they were told that all the cage privileges would stop at the end one one year UNLESS they completed/passed the BRC. Nobody had to ride the street. Cage privileges would resume when they completed the BRC. IF they wanted to ride the street, THEN we would see about that when the time came.

Results of this program: one became a rider of the street as well as the dirt. The other 2 thanked me for the fun and declined to ride the street. Nobody died. No machinery was wadded to this day. Everybody was Scarred For Life but kinda in a good way.

As a parent, to this day, boocoop years later, I still get on my knees and thank the Prime Mover that everyone is alive and has survived one more day.

And, no, it never gets any easier being a parent.

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