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20. Mexico, The City

I got into Mexico city yesterday after a pretty chilly day on the road. I finally put my other layers on and even put my winter gloves on.

The road into Mexico City (everyone calls it DF which stands for Districto Federal) was uneventful as I opted to take Mex 57 which is a major thoroughfare. See what you get when you are prioritizing getting somewhere quickly rather than enjoying it? I took Mex 57 in to cut some time as I wasnít feeling so hot though, picked up a cold in Queretaro I think.

Coming into DF and the buildings start to become tighter together and the amount of large billboard advertising picks up.

Not sure if I hit traffic or if the city is just always packed, but it took a bit to a while to actually reach my hostel. I booked a place in advance and found one that had some sort of street parking available (the nicer hostels that are in a very popular area donít really have any parking available). When booking though I should have taken notice of the quality of their website (probably not updated in over a decade). Like an exploding star that once probably burned so bright, this place was now but a flicker of itís former self and was on the tail end of itís existence. When I arrived the owner checked me in and showed me the digs. It was straight out of the 70ís, but not in a cool funky way. There were walls with hand written notes from many years ago, and bunk beds stacked 3 tall to the ceiling that appeared not to have held a single sole for many years. Itís as if there was a time that this was a thriving destination, yet I was the only guest here and it looked like that had been the case for a while. There was a family living somewhere on the top floor with a couple babies, I felt like I was staying in their home. The place seemed not to have been updated in several decades and the only thing it was missing as a shag rug. I stayed the night since I was already there but it was just as expensive (if not more) than most of the other places so today I left and found a new place.

This place is much better and also cheaper.

People must hate when I show up with all my dirty kit.

Because Iíve been a bit under the weather Iíve mainly been resting and eating an obscene amount of food (the latter probably doesnít help the cold, I just like doing it). As Burninator mentioned, the pastor tacos are very good. *Shout out to Matty-boom-batty, these are my favorite tacos right now.

My new friends Jose and Dano (who I met in Guanajuato) just so happen to live in DF. Looks like they have planned some riding this weekend for us. Not sure what the details are, but Iím told weíll be gone two days and that I should pack light for dirt. Iím stoked.

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