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The first time things went wrong I had loaned out a KZ440. There was a pothole in the yard in the spot where the driveway and street meet. He hit that and went down. The left side turn signal and the headlight and bucket were all bent/broken. I don't remember him offering to pay for damages.

This last time I lent out a bike it was to a friend with riding experience. I let him take my Road Glide out for the weekend since I had to work. On Saturday I get a call...

The drive belt broke. He says he wasn't beating on it (I wasn't concerned about that, I beat on it) and it just went. It's an '03 with about 56k on it, so I suppose it was time. He did offer to help pay for it, and to help do the work to replace it. I figure it was going to go anyway, so I'm not going to burden him with it. I'm having it fixed for about $330, parts and labor. And he did wash it for me.

Some years ago I borrowed a little 50 cc (?) trail bike, one of those $500 chinese ones. I was blasting around this motel several times where we were partying and then through a grassy field. The grass was tall and hid a small ditch. I was hauling ass and promptly went ass over. I just remember laying in the grass with the bike laying down next to me, running. I hit the kill switch and just lay there. I'm not sure what all was bent, but the handlebars were cranked over to the left some. I didn't ride anymore that night.

Later that summer I borrowed another one. We were in some woods that had trails run through it. I've never ridden off road before, and was taking it somewhat easy. It had started to get dark about the time I hit the end of the trail, so I turned around and headed back to camp. On the way back there was a big assed mud puddle in the bottom of a pit, right next to the trail. I went slow around it, too slow and too close. Yes, I needed to put my foot down, but I was right on the edge and went over. I pulled the bike out and had to dig around for one of my shoes. the bike and I were one big mud ball. I rode back to camp, right up to the stream we camped next to, and rinsed off the bike and then took a bath.

I've ridden those bikes a bit since and gave them up, for what we were doing they wheelie too easy. Maybe if I stood on the pegs or wasn't scared of looping it I would wheelied the snot out of it and have had more fun.
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