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Pretty much anywhere in Idaho except I84 from east to west. The ride from Idaho Falls up through the Bitterroots to Northern Idaho/Montana is breathtaking. The ride from Idaho Falls through the Driggs Basin, over the pass and into Jackson Hole will be worth it. If you like long-distance off-road riding, you can ride for 200 miles through the Owyhee Mountains in Southern Idaho, best in the fall when the roads are dry and the rattlers are cold. A ride up Highway 95 from South to North is well worth it, but watch out for deer. A ride from Boise or Twin Falls up through the Sawtooths - simply a must before you die. Be careful for deer and elk, though. I actually saw a guy die who hit a deer on that road. Very sad for him and the deer. Wow, I need to ride more. I'm making myself depressed thinking of all the rides I still have not done in this amazing state.
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