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Baby steps...
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These threads are comical and frustrating at the same time

Why the hang up on displacement? The current 650's from Japan only make the HP a mild-tuned 400-450 makes anyways, and we're talking about an ADV bike they're all gonna start life in the 300+lb range anyways, then get all kinds of shit strapped to them, so I don't buy the "weight" argument either.

Why the hang up on Japanese? Is it the false belief that they are somehow immune to maintenance needs and mechanical failure?

Why the hang up on seat height? It's physics...the bike has to fit someplace (bottom of skid to top of seat), and then you need ground clearance...cuz we're such burly off-roaders! Put your damn feet on the damn pegs and RIDE!

If you can get past the "hang ups", you would see there are bikes out there that will fit your needs already
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